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instaworldbcn en mobile movies, de the appwhisperer

fernandoprats offers a fast paced, stylized glimpse of a panel discussion held in Barcelona. Watching the quick cuts of panelists presenting their ideas and afterwards engaging in animated discussion with attendees piqued my interest. I, too, wanted to be a participant.

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#croquetes en el mobile movies showcase, the appwhisperer

#croquetes, de fernando prats. Pequeña pieza en vídeo seleccionada por The AppWhisperer para su Mobile Movies Showcase de septiembre, 2013.

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slow cities y strange landscape en el primer best of mobile movies, the appwhisperer

Slow cities, de fernando prats Straight landscape, de fernando prats Dos vídeos grabados en iPhone elegidos por The AppWhisperer para su primer ‘best of’ Mobile Movies – Junio 1, 2013, curado por Donna Donato.

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