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article: fernando prats, photographic internet master @ lucid communication

By Jacob Schere This is the inaugural blog in my new Lucid Thoughts section on Lucid Communication.  This section will be where I write about artists that inspire me, things that cooler than cool, and other nuggets of Internet archaeology.  I hope that people out there will enjoy, visit, and follow the goings on in Cooler […]

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YSE mag exhibition in ****contrasted gallery: algunas fotos, curada por fernandoprats

A hard selection of some YSEfots published at Y SIN EMBARGO magazine in an unique event. Curated by fernandoprats for the benefit of ****contrasted gallery. 10th-17th June, 2011. * Suggested music: leyendecker, by Battles + salvaging, by Steven Wilson * [ blank space for available sponsors] * [Ver la muestra en pantalla completa / Watch […]

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