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en el mobile movies showcase

El vídeo del taller de foto móvil: en el showcase de Mobile Movies, curado por Donna Donato. This fast paced reportage of a mobile photography class should dispel any lingering doubts regarding the seriousness and/or dedication of ‘smart’ phone users to the medium of photography.

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instaworldbcn en mobile movies, de the appwhisperer

fernandoprats offers a fast paced, stylized glimpse of a panel discussion held in Barcelona. Watching the quick cuts of panelists presenting their ideas and afterwards engaging in animated discussion with attendees piqued my interest. I, too, wanted to be a participant.

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#croquetes en el mobile movies showcase, the appwhisperer

#croquetes, de fernando prats. Pequeña pieza en vídeo seleccionada por The AppWhisperer para su Mobile Movies Showcase de septiembre, 2013.

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