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bijoubaby says: Ephemeral Morning

I ran into fellow Photo Cascadia team member Chip Phillips on Steptoe Butte while we both were leading private workshops. We were treated to some very unique conditions and light on this morning. Always a pleasure to shoot with Chip, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and a very talented photographer and musician.

This is 2 exposures blended together using my advanced photoshop blending techniques. I am producing a video detailing these techniques. It will finally be ready in June, sorry for the wait. I’ll announce it here when It’s available for sale.

Thanks for commenting!
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Ephemeral Morning
bijoubaby says: The Current Wonder Frog Family

In their home, a funky metal bowl.

The Current Wonder Frog Family
bijoubaby says: Poker Cookies

My sister is hosting poker night at her house, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try some poker themed cookies. These were a lot of fun!

Poker Cookies
bijoubaby says: Bell Beach Pavilion

View Large

Architect: Dale Naegle (1968)
Location: La Jolla (San Diego)

While it may look like Dr. No’s headquarters, architect Dale Naegle built this pavilion for Sam Bell of Bell’s Potato Chips. This beach house is reached via a funicular that connects it to the main house on top of the cliff. Naegle’s original house above the cliff was razed in the early 90s, and a newer, bigger house was built in its place.

More information on the architect can be found here:www.modernsandiego.com/DaleNaegle.html

Bell Beach Pavilion
bijoubaby says: Everything is lost for you
Everything is lost for you
bijoubaby says: microchip emozionale?

Sogna una carne sintetica
Nuovi attributi e un microchip emozionale
Sogna di un bisturi amico che faccia di lei
Qualcosa fuori dal normale

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microchip emozionale?
bijoubaby says: Mosaic in Turquoise and Rust

Wow, #59 on Explore — thanks! 🙂

Mosaic in Turquoise and Rust
bijoubaby says: Technophobia

A macro focus-stack for a college project.

Strobist info: Bowens Prolite Camera Right, Large Shoot-through umbrella, 1/2 power
Bowens Prolite Camera Left, Gridded Snoot, Full power baby 🙂

bijoubaby says: people will steal anything!

taken in camber sands. i could not beleave this when i saw it! what a chavy clientelle this place must have!

people will steal anything!
bijoubaby says: “IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO” (homemade drum machine)

A coin-operated music-box made by KUUK, VARIOUS & GOULD for the upcoming group show:

The clip was taken by JUST. Thank you very much!

Yeah, “give me a dime, dance away your time”!

"IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO" (homemade drum machine)Play Video
bijoubaby says: look for me when I am lost

Bridgehampton, Long Island, New York

look for me when I am lost
bijoubaby says: Loon san – Tulpa – monad- Dzogchen – モナド


* In Chinese painting, the color violet represents the harmony of the universe because it is a combination of red (yang) and blue (yin).


* Psychics who claim to be able to observe the aura with their third eye report that those who are practicing occultists (magickal thaumaturgists) often have a violet aura. It is said that people with violet auras are forward looking visionaries who may be in occupations such as performance artist, photographer, venture capitalist, astronaut, futurist, or quantum physicist.


* Violet is the liturgical color of Advent and Lent in many western churches.

* The Invocation of the Violet Flame is a system of meditation practice used in the “I AM” Activity and by the Church Universal and Triumphant. It is believed to be invoked from Saint Germain and practicing it is part of these religions’ devotion to Saint Germain.

Loon san - Tulpa - monad- Dzogchen - モナド
bijoubaby says: Rhizongo

-es que sigo un poco indecisa
-no sé

# # #

– i am still a bit undecided
– are you sure?
– i don’t know

bijoubaby says: Royal Flush

The royal flush, the best hand in poker, is what every poker player dreams of getting. Taken last night at my friend’s poker party…

December 1, 2008 – 31,011 views

Royal Flush
bijoubaby says: lightwalk
bijoubaby says: 69 Belcher Street Art Studios

I just took the picture, whatever comes into your mind is your own doing!

69 Belcher Street Art Studios
bijoubaby says: Cookie Monster Trap

How do you get a monster to come out from hiding during the day? Well, if it is a Cookie Monster, just figure out where he has been eating and camp out while crinkling a Chips Ahoy (they like them) bag. Eventually, he’ll come out…
For this shoot I didn’t have any cookies (damn cookie monster ate them all) so I improvised with cooking use chocolate chips and Quaker Granola bar crumbs. And I can’t take total credit – was inspired by another photo I saw on Flickr the other day.

same shot on 365 (one of these day’s I’ll get my Moscow / Berlin shots up)

Cookie Monster Trap
bijoubaby says: Choco-Mint-Candy-Lips

Just kinda foolin’ around.

(Model: Jena)



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