publicado en brancolina: fernando prats, motivo y variación sobre el fortuito encuentro con thomas bernhard


Four selected pages from Motivo y variación sobre el fortuito encuentro con Thomas Bernhard, a theater play that is freely based on Thomas Bernhard’s texts On the mountain (1959), Yes (1978), Extinction (1986) and Wittgenstein’s nephew (1982). Concept, design and cover photo by Fernando Prats, prologue by Oriol Espinal, English version by Emilia Cavecedo, additional assistance by Alicia Pallas and Rivera Valdez. The first version of this text was performed in Buenos Aires in July 1999:

actors :: Eleonora Mónaco, Alejo Recalde, Sony Báez, Fernando Prats
original music :: Sony Báez & Fernando Prats
assistant director :: Mónica Castaño
performing director :: Eleonora Mónaco
general director and dramatist :: Fernando Prats

This book has been awarded for graphic design by DESIGN AND DESIGN, it is featured in their compilation of the best awarded works The Book of the Year Vol 2. It is also available in printed version and as a file download via Lulu publishers: ISBN 978-1-4092-1550-9


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