portrait with videoclop, seleccionada por iphoneography.com, through the lens of an iphone

Portrait with videoclop“, seleccionada por iPhoneography.com, Through the Lens of an iPhone.


Three Sections

Fly away home

"408" 1189_kokovoko


the market on a summer's eve


Hung Up The phone...!!!

Foreign Affair

My sofa

pollution control. (not boobs, two faces. hahaha! *sigh*)

Youth Gone Wild

Stick Around. iPhone 4S

He is waiting for his turn. I'm waiting for my bus.

Sennen Cove

After hours

Portrait with videoclop.

A Quiet Moment


safari street parade (every rhino needs a zebra)‏

A very positive day for iPhone photography and a happy one for me

The Thelonian approach

colgando en tus manos

So she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of para-para-paradise

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