portrait with videoclop @ seleccionada por iphoneography central, apps uncovered

Portrait with videoclop, de fernandoprats, seleccionada por iPhoneographyCentral, Apps Uncovered, Friday 17-24 August 2012.


Title: London-Baghdad
Artist: Fabrizio Stivanello
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + For this photo I used the app snapseed for processing and pictureshow for resizing and watermark.
I have other apps but these are fast and easy to use and give good results.
Foreign Affair
Title: Foreign Affair
Artist: Carlein van der Beek
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + cppro + Superimpose + FilterStorm + Pixlromatic
Title: ***
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + native cam, superimpose, photopower, pictureshow, snapseed, vscocam
Title: ? (Shop front in Kinsale Cork)
Artist: Brendan (Insta Me)
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + to be confirmed
The Messenger
Title: The Messenger
Artist: Ginger Lucero
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Hipstamatic + Snapseed
Title: Untitled
Artist: David Ingraham
Apps Used/Backstory: Not much to this one. It was taken Downtown Johannesburg and shot with Hipstamatic ( Lucifer Lens, Rock BW-11 film ) and a little added Scratchcam. That’s all!
Joy of slippers - Fleur de lis
Title: Joy of slippers
Artist: Nicki FitzGerald
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Iris Photo Suite + Photocopier
Title: Freedom
Artist: Lola Mitchell
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + The apps used are camera+, superimpose and Vintage scene.
Used a white page to start. I separated his body from his shadow a bit more so it looked like he was jumping higher. By just pasting first his body and then his shadow. Put it through Vintage Scene.
Movements In The Deep   -7
Title: Movements In The Deep
Artist: Olive Charlene
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + Taken and edited on iPhone 4 Apps Used: Camera+, PS Express, Artista Haiku, Blender, Decim8, Pixlromatic, ScratchCam
Skin No. 24
Title: Skin No. 24
Artist: Petyr Campos
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Photoforge2 + Photostudio + FXstudio
Title: Untitled
Artist: Alexey Ovsyannikov
Apps Used/Backstory: DSLR+iphone4+ipad2: Jazz + PhotoCopier + FilterStorm + Superimpose + Snapseed + Lenslight + Textify.it
Goodnight, Diane.
Title: Goodnight, Diane.
Artist: Greg Schmigel
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + Snapseed + CrossProcess + CameraSharp
Title: Untitled
Artist: Jorge Bañales
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + ProCamera + Snapseed
Holiday at the Beach
Title: Holiday at the Beach
Artist: Susan Blase
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken on iPhone and processed with Phototoaster & Pixlromatic
Girls' Day Out
Title: Girls’ Day Out
Artist: jq gaines
Apps Used/Backstory: Photographed with an iPhone 4s.
Processed with the following apps: Camera! Awesome, ArtistsTouch, Sketchbook and PhotoCopier
Costume shop
Title: Costume shop
Artist: ReyGuy
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Hipstamatic; John S Lens + Ina’s 1969 Film
Memories can't wait
Title: Memories can’t wait
Artist: Lu Guada
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + To be confirmed
Portrait with videoclop.
Title: Portrait with videoclop.
Artist: fernandoprats
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Booster! + Squaready
Ветренная / windy..
Title: Ветренная / windy..
Artist: alekseykyznetsov
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + ProCamera and edited with Snapseed
blackandwhite in Arco
Title: blackandwhite in Arco
Artist: Gusbano
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + to be confirmed



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