Fernando Prats


fernando prats researches from photography, design, video, poetry,
music and other disciplines, the word and some of its representations.

He was born in Buenos Aires, and he lives in Barcelona from almost two decades ago.


He’s the creative director of Estudi Prats and Social Media Strategist, directed the magazine of contemporary culture Y SIN EMBARGO, the ‘pictosophic groups Rhizome and other projects through the so-called 2.0 social networks.

He’s the author of the poetry
books: Deshielo,
Corto y afilado,
Una al día,
Monda Lironda,
Como volver a casa, pero no,
Olores, palabras, rincones and
De la risa a la rabia.

He’s also the author of short stories’ books
{Satori, Mate amargo},
a photowork’s {El culo y la memoria: uropa
-with Enric Leor-}, a visual poetry’s
{Corto y afilado}, a musicalized
stories {Ene O}, a theatrical
short play {Motivo y variación
sobre el fortuito encuentro con
Thomas Bernhard
}, an articles
compilation {Postales de la era
del olvido
} and the rehearsal
of a rehearsal {La escuela frente
a la cultura digital

He has published “V__ICE“, “#YlaJusticia“, “Immadencity, buenos aires contemporary architecture according to fernandoprats“,”Deshielo“, “A taste of immadencity“, whe(re)n ?, objects subjects, whe(re)n ?, “Shapes and Shapes (formas y formas xl)“, “Motivo y variación sobre el fortuito encuentro con Thomas Bernhard“, “formas y formas“, “Corto y afilado“, “Una al día“, “Como volver a casa, pero no“, “Olores, palabras, rincones” and “De la risa a la rabia“.

He’s been included
at the Book of the Year Vol. 2 (Design and Design),
Web Design Index by Content book
(Pepin Press), and at the expo Guantánamo No!
(Fundació Signes), has written for the book The world through
my mechanic eye
(Andrea Sozzi) and prologued Temporada (María Laura Coppié),
directed ‘videoclops’ for Prats/Ruibal and for the pop-rock group Papa:Noes, lyrics for Albert Jordà. He was featured as special guest of the Literary Café Pretextos, Buenos Aires, the V Festival Internacional de la Palabra, Alicante, has participated
in Poetas del 15 de Mayo and the exhibition Brangulí was here. What about you?, CCCB, and has been the curator of YSE mag exhibition in ****contrasted gallery.

Some of his photographic works
have been published on media like The MINI International magazine, FILE magazine, New Internationalist Publications, And I still miss you, Platform 58 or Artemis, and have been exhibited at Tate Liverpool online / colour chart: reinventing colour, 1950 to today, Open Call, Frieze Art Fair 2009, Ambiguities exhibition @ University of Kent, Shadé digital exhibitions, Elements Exhibition (Maregmágnum, Barcelona), Ver y Mirar. El detalle de las letras (Menos uno, Madrid), SoniMag Foto 07, Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo BAC! 07 Babylon o en la guía Schmap Barcelona Fourth Edition, and has been selected by artistic collectives like Artistas de España,, various Instagram groups and profiles and 500×500.

His photos are part of the collective books Passengers 2012, ai : series, curated by Alan Wilson, Shadé (i y ii) curated by Brancolina, and Hypo – X – Series (Cream of Fugu Book) curated by Alan Wilson and White as a colour, an effort to raise funds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis curated by Sophie Addison, and 1 navidad, 1 niño, un libro, by Escritores Solidarios.

With the painter Miguel Ruibal, he carries out the Prats/Ruibal project, and they edited the folder Ensems, handmade engravings, the book Objects Subjects and Below the surface, a unique piece conceived as a project for The Brooklyn Public Library.

His visual poem “Aïllada masia” was the winner of the Auró public school Floral Games’ 1st edition.

His mobile photographies have been published by Life in LoFi,, IphoneographyCentral, The iPhone Arts and more. The AppWhisperer has interviewed him a couple of times and published different works, as “Slow Cities”, a video completely recorded on iPhone and musicalized on iPad; he has been selected iPhoneArtist of the day by and take part of exhibitions iPhoneografías (ZoneZero, México), MINA (Mobile Visual Arts Showcase) @ FRINGE Festival (Wellington, New Zealand), Depixtions (Orlando, USA), IX Colourgenics (Toronto, Canada), Ubiquography (Barcelona) and MobFormat (Derby). He has reviewed some of the leading photographic accessories for mobile media as Gizmon’s lenses, olloclip, USB Fever or the Glif + and he’s a beta tester of new camera apps dedicated to this subject. He’s been giving the workshop “Photographing in HDR” at D-IVE, the first Mobile Photography Festival in Spain and reporting the events on real time for The AppWhisperer, at MoWo -III Mobile Photography Congress with “Hacer la fotografía, dijo Ansel”- and at the Photogenic Festival -with the workshop ‘The world through the eye of a (smartphone) camera’-. He’s a teacher at Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Ártidi, and Ajuntament de L’Hospitalet.

Some of his other pictures have been collected in an interview for Revolution 360 (New York), at the Exhibition Calders restaurant (Coma-Ruga) and Sala Ciutat (Barcelona), where he was a finalist for #botiguesambencant organized by TimeOut and Barcelona’s City Council, at Barroc Cafè and at the TV program La Huella (Tucumán).

He has received several awards and recognitions for his photographic work, including from Esquerra de l’Eixample,, JOBY Flash Clamp & Locking Arm Photo Contest, The Best Mobile Photography and Art Images and competitions such as the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards (Honorable Mention, Black and White), the JOBY Phone Photo Contest (Honorable Mention), Blipoint’s PhotoMobile Contest (2nd prize) and the first prizes of III Edition of the Photographic Contest by Enjoy magazine, with his photo Dou ble you, Perspectivas 3, (Obras, media specialized in information architecture, interior design and construction of Grupo Expansión), with his series Arquitecturanimal, and the First Photography Contest of and Foto DNG, with his book formas y formas.

If you want, you can write him here.

Below the surface...whe(re)n?Objetos SujetosMotivo y variación sobre el fortuito encuentro con Thomas BernhardShapes and shapes (formas y formas XL)Corto y afiladoUna al díaOlores, palabras, rinconesDe la risa a la rabia

Fernando Prats

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