hypo – x – series: the document (libro)

Azurebumble ha propuesto a 111 artistas participar del proyecto “Hypo – X – Series“, un grueso y generoso libro curado por él mismo que cuenta con estas imágenes:

(Behind the cupboard)
Behind the cupboard

(Fortress or modern housing)
Fortress or modern housing

El documento de trabajo ha sido el siguiente:

Something to ponder…after being here a while now it has dawned on me that ‘flickr’ is really quite an ephemeral beast with regards to documentation (e.g. previous sequences that I have done are slowly dissipating as people leave or delete images) therefore I would like to take this opportunity to propose a ‘group document’, a sort of time capsule which with willing participants may ultimately become a tangible object in the form of a book.

Having recently had the experience of producing an experimental book of my own work using the website Blurb I now feel that I have the confidence and willingness to produce a reasonably interesting group book.

At this point I have to say that this venture would be purely to fulfil my interest in seeing if this process of mass collaboration would work, I have absolutely no intention of gaining anything (especially monetary gain) from the creativity of others.

So, how would we go about achieving such a goal?

Well, firstly in terms of price and product I found the Blurb quality quite reasonable for a custom online item, secondly having had the experience of completing a Blurb book (where I found the book software simple enough to use) I think I would be quite comfortable using this route again.

The Envisaged Process:

1.Invite participation and gain permissions from interested members.

2.Discuss and Agree terms of copyright.

3.Re edit/mix ‘Hypo-X’ sequences into a manageable book length.

4.Collate document using Blurb book software.

5.Publish Book.

Once this is achieved I will then purchase the book, consequently it will become available on the website bookshelf if anyone would like to purchase it at anytime in the future (again this is not a profit excercise I have no interest in this).

At some point soon I will send an invitation email asking permission to use one or more of your images as part of the proposed book, however in the meantime feel free to put your name forward via flickr mail where any interested artists names will be added to “The Acceptance List” topic thread.

The acceptance list is purely for the purpose of collating the final sequences in preparation for the book stage (I need to know which images I can use), there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to go ahead with permissions if you do not wish to do so (i.e.if you put your name forward then change your mind that’s fine), since I respect completely everyones wishes.

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